World Series of Poker – Things You Can Learn By Watching

The annual World Series of Poker, held in Las Vegas, is (as the name suggests) one of the largest poker tournaments in the world. It is now broadcast on glass-table television and under-table video cameras to allow viewers to see the cards, allowing a fascinating insight into betting patterns and player behavior. Television images are copied with expert commentary and therefore offer a great way to learn more about the game from the experts.

Because the World Series of Poker is such an attractive visualization, beginners can learn the rules of the game automatically by simply watching.
Notice how players maximize the potential of good hole cards. Note the initial raises, reflecting the fact that they have a higher percentage chance of winning the pot situs poker online.
World Series of Poker coverage sometimes shows the percentage chance of each player winning the pot. Examine them carefully and, as an exercise, try to find out the cards each player requires to win.
See how experts try to extract as much money as possible from their rivals when they have good hands. See how they judge bets to try to prevent other players from folding.
Take note of the rounds in which experienced players fold strong hands they believe are won. Listen to commentators trying to explain psychology and reasoning.
Observe how players behave and interact with each other during hands. Keeping in mind your letters, try to find out what kind of message they are trying to project into your opponents mind.
The World Series of Poker will feature some of the best loose and tight players in the game. Study players who play similar to you to improve your own game.
Study all different types of players. These may be experts, but you’ll find game styles in your own games, so you’ll need to understand them.
Watch the techniques experts use to intimidate low-chip players out of the game.
Examine the techniques used by players to avoid being ‘read’ by other players. Take particular note of body language and the way they project, especially when they are bluffing, as described in the article “Learning to Play – Bluffing Poker Tips”

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